“Assessoria & Arte” is a Brazilian company focused on the development of Commercial Intelligence projects for companies interested in either exporting their products to new foreign markets or importing products from such markets.

Our services are developed in a personalized manner; they are suited to the needs of each company, considering its real needs and potentialities as an exporter or importer.

For “Assessoria & Arte” there are no small or medium-sized companies, but partners interested in acting in new markets.

                Our role is to collaborate with these companies in order to make them reach their objectives in a safe and sustainable manner.




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Our mission:

"To fulfill its mission, “Assessoria e Arte” performs market research looking for commercial opportunities for the viability of its operations. It promotes the sustainable increase of its participation in the foreign market"






 - Make the international market accessible to the Brazilian entrepreneur, promoting the export or import of goods. In this way it cooperates to strengthen the image of the country in the international scenery.
- Act in a profitable manner always guaranteeing the satisfaction of business partners.
- Provide information in order that the traded goods satisfy all the quality control standards and the local requirements.
- Always search for distinctions in the business model to increase the profits of the parts involved.
- Offer assistance and commercial representation to the clients in order to enable the introduction of their products in the targeted market.