Commercial Intelligence refers to the gathering of information about consumer or producer markets, searching innovations, tendencies, opportunities and identified threats. This complete research guides the decision making process of the companies, aiming at the obtainment, enlargement or the maintenance of markets.

Market research is a necessary investment; it can save time and money providing the essential elements to approach the market of interest.

To know the general characteristics of the target country is of fundamental importance in the choice of which market to exploit.


Research Objectives:

The commercial intelligence service provides detailed information for:

  • The selection of promotional material, the catalogue;

  • The selection of the distribution and transport channel;

  • The selection of commercial partners, according to registered information;

  • The establishment of the reach of the distributor in the market, if it applies

  • The establishment of price policies and technical specifications;

  • To provide information about your product in the target market language;

  • To establish promotion policies and stimuli for the first orders;

  • To fix time limit dates for delivery and payment;

  • To establish short, medium and long-term time limits;

  • To monitor the market and its evolution to correct identified skews.
  • To select markets for the sale or purchase of products;

    To observe and identify tendencies and expectations;

    To recognize strong and vulnerable points in the business competitors;

    To know and evaluate opportunities and threats to exporters and importers.

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